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  1. New FotoZoomer EULA form

    As of April 23rd 2018 FotoZoomer emailed all FotoZoomer system owners our new EULA form. This form updates the End User License Agreement for your system so that system can be updated to the latest...
  2. How to Login to Your Forum Account and How to Reset Your Forum Password

  3. How to Post on this Forum

  4. How to use the Forum User Control Panel

  5. https://youtu.be/0A3raoOEjfs

  6. How to Register for this Forum

    Please view the following video for instructions on how to register for the forum:

  7. Read This First: What is the pre-sales questions section?

    This section is for individuals who are interested in purchasing a FotoZoomer design system. Anyone can post here with no membership required. Additionally, all current FotoZoomer owners have...
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